On Weddings

Planning a wedding is...

Creativity and compromise. How to combine Adam's soft spot for Spiderman with my Lego love? Cross-branding to the rescue!

Exhausting and exhilarating. Martha Stewart's a goddess. Her wed-site of fresh, creative, modern ideas is pure joy to visit. Her endless checklist of pre-wedding tasks? She's a witch. Burn her.

Girliness and grunt-work. Preppy pinks, regal blues, spots and bows are glamorous. Lugging the two-tonne Bride's Diary around to appointments is... not.

Mirth and mystery. What have I planned for hens' night celebrations? Wouldn't my bridesmaids like to know...

Posh and primitive. There is an inordinate amount of time spent ensuring one's nuptials are not skankalicious. Sample sale of wedding gowns? The lace gloves come off and I turn into Meryl the Feral.

Shopping and spurning. I love shops. I do not love shop assistants. Especially ones giving us the hard sell on trashy engagement rings or tut-tutting at how late I'm ordering my wedding gown (over 6 months, ladies -- get a life!!).

Tasty and tantalising. Scavenger hunts for free wedding cake samples. Dreaming of honeymoon destinations. Do want!

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