Online Writing Course... Love at First Byte

This Valentines' Day holiday period, I've fallen for the Sydney Writers' Centre.

Not only do they have a course/trip to the home of passion, Paris, but they offer an online magazine writing course. How could I not love them?

I had my doubts about investing in a $395 online course. I've never enrolled in one before and, after all, what could it offer that a quick Google search or writing book couldn't? Well, I'm glad I overcame my doubts -- the course is great. Across five weeks, it covers:

  • analysing a publication
  • interviewing and writing profiles
  • elements of an article (title, intro, hook, case studies, transitions etc)
  • how to research and write a feature article
  • ideas that work
  • how to approach a publication
  • what editors want
It's currently the end of week two and I've just submitted my first assignment -- a 500-word profile on one of my classmates. It's been great practice, and my randomly assigned partner is an intriguing figure. She's a graphic designer who created an adult colouring-in book!

Wow, the things you learn.

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