Magazine Guide #7: frankie

Publication: frankie
How Often Does It Come Out: Six issues per year
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
A little from column A, a little from column B.
Target Audience:
Age: Roughly 20-30
Gender: Mostly female
Interests: Art, music, fashion, craft and life.
Topics and Themes:
Interviews with home-grown artists, musicians and ordinary people (eg cafe owners, new Australian citizens); retro/cute art projects and cookery; hard-hitting issues such as gay rights, housing affordability and depression; nostalgia etc.
Length of Features:
Many short snippets in the 400-700 words range, with a few longer pieces to a maximum of 1,500 words.
Tone and Style of Writing:
Offbeat and anecdotal. 
Experts and statistics are rarely, if ever, used. Many articles are monologues or are interviews with either a question-and-answer or "as told to" format, with one long quotation from the subject. There are some product reviews (comparing eight soups in one example), brief lists and a tongue-in-cheek how-to article.  There are no breakout boxes in sight.
About How Many Features:
30 or so. Phew!!


  1. Never heard of this publication before, but it looks really interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

    Here from LBS!

  2. Stopping by from LBS...I also have never heard of it, but then I thought it might have to do with me being in California. Not Australia. And now I just want to plan a trip there totally unrelated to the magazine. This is just how my mind works :)

  3. Hi, there! So happy to meet a fellow writer. I am from LBS. Love your blog are honest and witty and FUN! Plus you have great resources. You may enjoy my Blog...Words of Me Project. It's all about writing and creating with Words.

    Enjoy your weekend...and I'm now a Follower:)


  4. Welcome Angie, Hutch and scrapwordsmom! I'm loving Lady Bloggers for putting me in touch with so many talented blog-hers worldwide.

    Thanks for visiting me here. Frankie is not huge in Australia, but it's popular with the arty/impossibly cool set. I thought it was too cool for me until I read it and realised it's really fun, inspiring and actually accessible.

    Highly recommended if you can lay hands on a copy. : )

  5. As I look at my totally messy desk I am thinking a lot of these tips could come in handy LOL.
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