"Cosmopolitan Bride" Query

I wrote this email to Cosmopolitan Bride in December 2009. Exactly two months later I received a reply, requesting samples of my writing. I was then asked to write the article 'on spec' (ie without a guarantee the magazine would accept it if it wasn't up to scratch). Luckily, it was accepted and I was paid $500. The article was published in the Spring edition of the magazine in August 2010 and it was eventually called "8 Negotiating Tips Every Bride Needs to Know".

Anyway, here's the original query email...

Working for Consumer Affairs, I hear countless wedding disaster stories -- vile venues, dress dry-cleaning disasters and lost engagement ring laments. Brides-to-be would acquire money- and sanity-saving tips to avoid these crappily-ever-after wedding scenarios in my article, "Bargainzilla: Negotiating Fabulous Wedding Deals".

The modern Superbride crafts 100 wedding invitations per hour, sources rare Tibetan flowers that bloom every 72 years and leaps tall buildings in a single stiletto-clad bound. Sadly, however, Superbride often doesn't read contracts carefully and negotiate a fairer deal, freebies and a cheaper price. She doesn't know suppliers will agree to these, if asked, to secure her bridal business against competitors. The article would detail real-life stories, contract pitfalls to avoid and negotiation tips I've collected through traversing law school, resolving consumer disputes and in my own bride-to-be shopping experiences.

The article, spanning 1,500 words, would be delivered within two weeks of hearing you are interested.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Doyle


  1. That was a great achievement. Thank you for this inspirational post! PS: I'm from the "Lady Bloggers Tea Party" :)

  2. Thanks Saumirah, I thought it would be useful to document which letters to magazines have worked and which ones didn't.

    Then I can hopefully work out the magic formula! : )

  3. Congratulations! Your sample query letter was helpful. It is great to hear a success story in the midst of all of the rejection stories. Praying for your continued success.

  4. Hi Sherrice,

    Thanks for stopping by and glad to hear the sample letter was helpful. I was so ecstatic to have my idea accepted and even more so once I saw it published a couple of days ago. It made all the rejections worthwhile. : )

  5. Way to go! I found you via Lady Blogger Tea Party



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