In Your Facebook

Get ready for Facebook fabulousness...

Becks and the City is now reaching out to an all new audience of pimply teenagers and tech-heads!

The Becks and the City fan page will contain snarky status updates, needful news, freakish and fanciful links, the heads up on recent blog posts, and insight into what makes me tick and ticked off.

Follow at your own risk!

It's the brave new Facebook of Becks and the City. Enjoy.


  1. Following you from Admirer Monday. Would apreciate it if you could stop over and follow me back.

    One of my followers will win a HALLOWEEN APRON 10/5.

  2. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for visiting -- I have become a follower back. Happy Monday! : )

    ~ Becks

  3. They are going to love your writing and thoughts just as we do in blogland ...You are going to bring so much to their world!! YAY.... XO ..HHL

  4. Hahaha, thanks High Heeled! : )

    Well, at the moment I have a very select following of 3 fans on the Facebook page. I'm hoping this will be growing soon!

  5. Hello! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!:-) Following you from Moms Rev 4 U!:)

    Would ♥ to hear from you!

  6. I'm following you from Wobble Over Wednesday! Can you follow me back please?

  7. I'm a Wobble Over follower, will you follow me?

  8. I'm following from Thirsty Thursday! Love your blog. I'm a huge S&TC fan :-)

  9. You blog is so fun! I just 'liked' your page on FB & Google reader. Can't wait to see all that you blog about :)

    Have a great day!
    Shopper Gal

  10. New Follower! Very intrigued by your blog & writing. Pretty awesome that you got in Cosmo Bride! (Woot! Woot!)

    Going to go follow you on Facebook now!
    Me - I can't decide what to blog about - so I made 3 blogs to cover it all! :-)

  11. I there...I am already a follower to your blog and just 'liked' your facebook page too.

    Would love it if you came by my blog as well.

    The Things We Find Inside

  12. welcome everyone, I've been working my way through following you all back. There's heaps of great blogs out there, I'm discovering!

  13. Thanks for visiting me back and following, lighttraveler! : )



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