Sex and the City Guide to New York

The sequel to my Sex and the City Guide to Paris, this is my ultimate guide to channelling Carrie Bradshaw in New York. Whether holidaying there soon or daydreaming for now, BYO Mr Big and keep calm and Carrie on! 

A Sex and the City trip to NY just wouldn't be the same without visiting...
  1. Carrie's apartment: 'Nuff said, really. Essential.
  2. Conde Nast Building, Times Square: Mecca for magazine groupies like me, this building is home to Vogue, where Carrie lands a writing job after her breakup with Aidan. Cue getting drunk with new boss Julian, being called "Cookie" incessantly and him dropping his pants in the Vogue accessories closet!
  3. Central Park Boathouse Restaurant: Nervous to impress each other, Big and Carrie end up falling in the pond here while on a date in episode 48, "Cock a Doodle Do". I wonder how many couples reenact that scene here each week?
  4. St Mark's Comics in East Village: Carrie dates Wade, the man-child who runs this comic book store and still lives with his parents. Given Adam's massive collection of Spiderman and Iron Man action figures (or "dollies," as I call them!), this is a site we could both appreciate!
  5. Oniels Bar, Soho: Miranda bumps into Steve, who invites her and Carrie to the grand opening party of hip new bar, Scout, jointly owned by Steve and Aidan. Carrie sees Aidan here for the first time since their breakup.
  6. Staten Island Ferry: Carrie dates a pee-loving politician after travelling with the girls on this ferry to judge a firemen calendar competition. Best Samantha quote after spotting dumb-but-f*ckable firey, Ricky: "Hello 911? I'm on fire"!
  7. Patricia Field: Covet Carrie's fashion? Shop here at the iconic costume designer's store for the wildest, Carrie-flavoured clothes imaginable or buy Patricia Field online here.
I can't wait to visit all these and more (next year?) in New York, the Big Apple of my eye!


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