How To Feature in Becks and the City!

Fancy your blog being featured in Becks and the City?

I've whipped up the snazzy new "Featured In" button above. To proudly display it on your blog, send me an email with a subject heading of "I Wanna Be Featured!" to:

Give me a brief description of your blog and how you'd like to appear from these choices...

1.   Interviews
I'm planning to expand my Interviews With Feature Writers section to include fashion and magazine interns, stylists, beauty editors and fashion bloggers. If you fit the bill or work in a similar role, I would love to include you.

2.   Luxe Blogs
Do you have an irresistible fashion, wedding, lifestyle or writing blog? If you're confident your blog is in keeping with the Becks and the City theme, drop me a line!

3.   Guest Bloggers
Feel like you have something to say to Becks and the City readers? It could be about Sex and the City, blogging, writing, magazines or anything else that turns me on. Check my "I Like" section and labels in the sidebar for inspiration and pitch me your idea.

Please don't ask me to review products -- it's not my scene -- but you're more than welcome to dazzle me with other ideas. I can't guarantee I'll say yes, but I will consider all requests.

So what are you waiting for?


  1. Thanks so much for visiting. I'm following you back!

    I love the stylish look of your blog. You have great ideas!

    Mrs. White

  2. Thanks for taking the time to follow back, Mrs White.

    Do you get many Cluedo jokes with your name? My old work had a Mr Green and then a Mr White as commissioners, so there were a few flying around our office. : )

  3. Hi, Checking out your blog from Confessions of 30something. I really like your personality and style. With that said, I would love to submit post as a guest blogger. I will check out your contact info. ;)

  4. Awesome, would be glad to have you, Optimistic Mom! : )



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