The Fashion Parade

This season, I was lucky enough to win a VIP fashion parade experience for me and three friends. Ange, Em, my lovely mother-in-law Maureen and I had a fun, fabulous time. : )

The fashion parade, a quiz...

1  Labels showcased on the catwalk included
a)  Zu shoes, Globalize and Dangerfield
b)  Bras N Things, Portmans and Equip
c)  Wittner, Dotti, and Witchery
correct answer: all of the above

2  We were lucky enough to meet
a)  hunky cricket superstars
b)  the models backstage
c)  the event organiser
correct answer: all of the above (see pics of the cricketers here)

3  We were given free
a)  slaps on the arse, courtesy of the cricketers
b)  makeovers, courtesy of The Body Shop
c)  booze, courtesy of my shoplifting prowess
correct answer: b

4  At our free personal styling/shopping session, my super stylist, Kylie, recommended I
a)  make like a pumpkin and wear orange
b)  lose a few kilos
c)  wear tulip skirts and scoop-neck tops
correct answer: c

5  Our VIP goodie bags contained
a)  Woman's Day magazine
b)  a cute mirrored compact
c)  bright Inglot eyeshadow
correct answer: all of the above


  1. Hi Beck,

    How's your pitching going? Any luck? I just got a rejection from another mag - not fun.

    So my question for you is how do you deal with rejection? (Or do you not get it much?)

  2. My pitching is going mazingly, amazingly badly at the moment! Believe me, I'm getting rejection emails left, right and centre. Or silence. Not sure what's worse.

    I got another rejection at midday today and I'd only sent the pitch this morning! I'm not sure whether editors are just grumpy right now, there's less writing gigs available or my pitching's turned to crap. Or all three. Whichever is the case, I'm desperate for something, *anything* to go right!

    Generally, my way of dealing with rejection is just to keep sending out pitches and jumping on opportunities. I know from my addiction to entering competitions that the more you enter, the more you win. The same principle should apply to pitching. It is tough though when you go through a bad patch. But if you don't keep sending out pitches, you're guaranteeing you won't get any accepted. Keep getting back on the horse and something will turn up.

    Wishing you better luck than mine lately!




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