100 Ways to be Happier

It's good to have a list of mood boosters for those times you're feeling low, so I decided to create one. Hopefully you'll find something that sounds like fun. C'mon, get happy!
  1. Eat fairy bread. Bonus points for using cookie cutters to make shapes.
  2. Buy a hula hoop and practise tricks in your garden.
  3. Give yourself a neon pink/yellow/blue mani or pedi. Try OPI or Butter LONDON for great shades.
  4. Watch LEGO Death Star Canteen.
  5. Buy a colouring-in book or download and print and get scribbling! Recycle as wrapping paper when you're finished.
  6. Make cupcakes and decorate with extra sprinkles.
  7. Shout yourself a fresh bunch of flowers.
  8. Collect free brochures at a travel agency and start planning your next holiday.
  9. Pack a picnic with sangas, strawberries and pink lemonade. Invite your best friend, Mr Big or fly solo.
  10. Chew bubblegum. Blow enormous specimens of bubblehood. Pop loudly.
  11. Buy cute stickers like these. Use everywhere.
  12. Adopt a fabulous new name, whether you insist your friends call you Starlight Suspenders from now on or you just use it as your online moniker.
  13. Wear big, bad-ass earrings. Strut.
  14. Invade a photobooth with a friend. Go crazy.
  15. Write what's bothering you on notepaper. Place in an envelope. Bury it.
  16. Book in for a massage or have a friend with magic fingers give it a go.
  17. Visit a psychic (even for a laugh if it's not your thing).
  18. Dye your hair the brightest colour you dare.
  19. Buy a roaming gnome, take quirky photos of him and send him overseas to a hostel with his Aussie pics and a note. Include a return address or Facebook page to hear about his international exploits.
  20. Tickle someone or something, even if it's your own fancy!
  21. Dress up for no reason. Take pictures in pin-up girl poses.
  22. Splurge on luxurious lingerie or spruce up existing dacks by sewing on cute bows.
  23. Collect pretty papers and try your hand at origami.
  24. Send a postcard to a foreign land.
  25. Join Compingclub.com for free and start entering competitions.
  26. Experiment by adding fruit, Nutella, sprinkles, popcorn, chocolate topping or lollies to icecream. Aim for surprising combos.
  27. Buy cute fake tattoos and wear them on naughty body parts!
  28. Become a pinball wizard at your local burger joint or video game arcade.
  29. Memorise three funny jokes for when you're asked to tell one in future.
  30. Solve a 9-letter word puzzle.
  31. Make yourself a soda spider.
  32. Fill a friend's letterbox with a little present (think Juno filling Paulie Bleeker's mailbox with Tic-Tacs!).
  33. Rediscover the joys of magic popping gum or hi-sour lollies.
  34. Read One Red Paperclip or Yes Man.
  35. Enrol in a fun short course and learn archery, to play the harmonica or to make beaded jewellery.
  36. Have a hairdresser blowdry your hair.
  37. Try making balloon animals using a kit.
  38. Learn a party trick like rolling your tongue or wiggling your ears.
  39. Build a loungeroom fort from quilts, blankets and chairs. Have a Sex and the City marathon.
  40. Help someone by replying to a questions on Yahoo! Answers.
  41. Pop bubblewrap.
  42. Visit a playground and play on the swings.
  43. Set yourself an eBay or Etsy challenge. Find the cutest, cheapest trinket and shout yourself.
  44. Slather yourself in moisturiser and slip between the covers of a newly-made bed.
  45. Try learning striptease in the privacy of your home.
  46. Ring or email your local radio station. Request a song, leave a message or enter a contest.
  47. Learn to say "bite your bum" in several languages, just in case.
  48. Solve a mystery jigsaw puzzle.
  49. Crack open a Kinder Surprise egg.
  50. Make yourself a bento box lunch.
  51. Hunt for our bobble-hatted hero in a Where's Wally book.
  52. Try using up odd ingredients at home to create a makeshift cooking masterpiece.
  53. Sign up to volunteer or complete a challenge for charity.
  54. Play squares/handball against a wall with a tennis ball.
  55. Write a letter to your favourite magazine. You may even win the monthly reader prize!
  56. Go for a long walk with a good friend.
  57. Pick yourself a bunch of flowers and arrange them in a vase, jar or teacup.
  58. Wear outrageously large false lashes. To the supermarket.
  59. Get a firemen calendar for your perving pleasure. "Hello 911? I'm on fire..."
  60. Grow a jar of alfalfa sprout seeds. Enjoy on buttered bread.
  61. Assemble a vision board of magazine tear-outs, photos and postcards that inspire you.
  62. Inflate a whole packet of balloons in your living room.
  63. Check out a freebies web site and write away for perfume samples, shampoos, coffee and more.
  64. Evoke your inner minx with leopard print.
  65. Register to become a mystery shopper. Getting paid to shop = win!
  66. Apply to be in a magazine using a site like SourceBottle.
  67. Visit an online job site and apply for the wackiest roles you can find. That giant human hotdog mascot role is waiting for you.
  68. Explore a beautiful plant nursery or secret garden.
  69. Wander vintage stores for retro bargains.
  70. Get a bouncy ball with rabbit ears and make like a bunny.
  71. Play old computer adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry. Endearing and dirty all at once!
  72. Jazz up your look with a fascinator, flower or headband. They're not just for the races.
  73. Learn to breakdance.
  74. Relax with a chocolate biscuit and a copy of Vogue.
  75. Sing along to the radio, Singstar or YouTube.
  76. Write a little "Choose Your Own Adventure" book. Include your pals as characters and email or post them a copy.
  77. Join a book club (in person or online).
  78. Find a mentor (try searching online).
  79. Knit yourself a rainbow-coloured woolly scarf this week.
  80. Start a miniature dolls house in your wardrobe!
  81. Browse your local library and borrow a mystery novel or craft book.
  82. Go on a free food scavenger hunt.
  83. Have someone else wash your hair. Lazy, but luxurious!
  84. Indulge in gooey fondue or take fruit and custard out on a picnic. Dipping = fun and delicious.
  85. Learn all the lyrics of an iconic song, like Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby to bust out at karaoke nights.
  86. Play correspondence chess or Scrabble.
  87. Cuddle up to a fluffy animal.
  88. Go on one of those kiddy rides outside supermarkets!
  89. Pay someone a compliment. It'll make you smile too.
  90. Find a Book Crossing book.
  91. Day-glo underwear -- look into it!
  92. Create a bucket list at 43 Things.
  93. Enjoy a pot of exotic tea.
  94. Have a long, hot soak. Go crazy with the bubble bath.
  95. Watch your favourite childhood program or film. My picks? Sesame Street, The Muppets and Uncle Buck.
  96. Sit in a grassy patch of sunshine.
  97. Start planning your next birthday party and compile a list of presents you'd love.
  98. Introduce more glitter into your wardrobe, stat! Eyeliner? Nail varnish? Stilettos?
  99. Play with water balloons in the back yard.
  100. Read Becks and the City. ; )
Want even more? Read Gala Darling's post that inspired mine.

How do you give yourself an instant pick-me-up? Share your tips below.


  1. Good morning dear friend!! Loved this list! ~ I love stopping by the local nursery to see what plants they have .. it was on your list!! Some great ideas and I'm off to write a bucket list ...Happy Monday..xo HHL

  2. I love, lov, LOVE this post! Such a pick-me-up on a Monday! And I love Gala, as well. Btw, I got my own bookshop at Amazon, posting about it later! Have a great week!

  3. This is such a great idea, Becks! I'm sure these will come in handy as boredom-busters in my new found lack-of-uni freedom

  4. Great list! I think there are so many fun things to try if we just do it!

  5. WOW - I have to say that I'm impressed that you got to 100 things! It goes to show you that it really is the small things in life that make us the happiest!

  6. Ooh, I'm coming to check out your Amazon shop, Sascha. Curious to see what you've picked -- I'm sure all your items will be amazing!

    Glad you guys like the list -- I'm hoping to post a few more like it. They keep you going a bit longer than a top 10.

    Nicole, I realised yesterday I didn't quite get to 100 -- I had listed "Eat fairy bread" twice, so I now have a new #84. I must really be obsessed with fairy bread to say it more than once!

    High Heeled, I really love plant nurseries, even though I'm a serial plant killer. They're so beautiful and tranquil. We even considered having our wedding ceremony in one. Low-cost and chic!


  7. Hey Mrs Pancakes,

    Glad you like the list. Today is such a nice sunny day I might go do number 96. : )




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