Fabulous Fridays: 28 October 2011

Fashionably late this time. Sorry folks! Before my Coke buzz wears off, I'll update you on my crazy, crazy week.

Firstly, the boys' school grounds were MASSIVE and looked so much like Hogwarts, especially the dining hall. I got free lunch with plenty of choices, so I opted for pasta and a muffin on the first day, and a lamb and couscous roll with a chocolate crackle the second day. Yum! The work itself was pretty interesting as well.

The annual general meeting typing job finished ultra-early (after 90 minutes) on Tuesday night, but I'll still get paid for 3 hours at overtime rates. Bonza! The people at the meeting were welcoming and it was nice and close to my house. I love a short commute. : )

The rest of the week, I had more temping and my blog post to write for my copywriting role. I can't wait for you to read it -- I'm quite proud of how it turned out and it's modelled on one of my favourite TV shows. Can you guess which one?

I'm still working on my health magazine article, due next week. Plenty of work for me to do this afternoon. Anyway, on to some lovely links from the Web this week...

What's new @ Becks and the City?

Happy Friday Funday! xx


  1. Busy ... but fabulous sounding, your week! I would say it is fashioned on SATC ~ CAN'T wait for you to release it!! xo HHL

  2. Thanks High Heeled!

    Actually, it's not Sex and the City, but one of my other favourites that I bang on about quite a bit. Will hopefully hear in the next few days whether the post has been approved and when it will be up on the site. Would love to hear your feedback. : )

    Have a great week!




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