Fabulous Fridays: 30 September 2011

There's a new addition to Fabulous Fridays this week, inspired by Batty's Bath (I warned everyone I was coveting her "What's New" feature here!), but first, the link line-up this week...

What's New @ Becks and the City...

  • On Facebook: Photo gallery of the best independent fashion zines.
  • New Magazine Article: Click here to view the new Women's Health & Fitness piece in my portfolio.
  • New Fabulous Books: Click here to see the four new picks at the Fabulous Bookstore.
  • Poll: Vote for your favourite thing about magazines. Click here.
  • Interview: Check out the Stuff that I Love profile of me on stylish site, Chasing Aphrodite.

More exciting developments next week. That's all for now!


  1. It's especially good because we have a long weekend over here!

    One day for catching up on chores, one day for exploring, one day for relaxing -- that's how I think of it. ; )



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