Fabulous Fridays: 18 November 2011

Happy Friday, everyone! Yes, I've been busily beavering away on my soon-to-be-released zine and another sneak peek is on its way. In the meantime, feast your eyes on assorted goodies...

  • This rings true: "Why You Should Be Wary If Your Partner Starts Dieting". What do you think?
  • I had a galah land on my boobs on Tuesday. That's not a euphemism, it really happened while visiting a lovely bird rescue lady. Her feathered friend was almost as charming as this fellow.
  • Colossally lusting after Butter London's Black Knight nail shade. Sophisticated with sparkle.
  • My latest music obsession? Jessie J singing "Domino" on US X Factor. Yes, she's the real deal.
  • I've recently contemplated making jam from our fruit trees' produce, but feel a little too Susie Homemaker. This is way far in the other direction, though. A microwave? Really?
  • The closest Lily Allen clone I've found, but light-hearted musical fun in her own right: Kate Nash.
  • A high school friend of mine moved to London and became an archaeologist by day and burlesque performer by night. Intrigued? Meet Ava Iscariot. : )
  • Saucy Japanese schoolgirl hijinks I've been reading of late... Pastel. Good stuff.
  • Into shopping with a conscience? At the urging of a friend, I happily bought the Shop Ethical app to spend my dollars better for the environment, fair trade, cruelty-free and more.
  • Haven't been able to evict the Glee Rumour Has It / Someone Like You mash-up from my head since I heard it. Damn, Santana can sing!!!

Wanna be part of the next Fabulous Friday? I'd love to hear of any brilliant blogs, sites, articles and generally tomfoolery you'd like to share. So, what's been inspiring you lately?


  1. Happy Friday my friend! Can't wait to see the sneak peek for the zine!!! YAY!!! .... xo HHL

  2. Thanks High Heeled -- hope you had a good weekend. I've been working on the zine during the last few days, so should have something to show you today or tomorrow. Hooray!

    Hope all is going well with you. : )


  3. Lovely colours in the dress. Interesting read :) Following you.

  4. Hey lovefashion,

    Loving and following you back. Attitude in Abundance looks great -- the post on pairing joggers and heels totally rocks. I've been tryin' to tell friends that combo is hot for quite some time. Glad somebody agrees! ; )




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