I Tried... Visiting a Psychic!

When I decided to tick "visiting a psychic" off my bucket list,  I didn't realise there'd be a psychic fair in my suburb the very next weekend. It was like it was meant to be...

In matters of the mystic, I consider myself an "open-minded skeptic" (aka fence-sitter). I've suspected I was clairvoyant on occasion when I accurately predicted, say, my dropped toast would land butter side down, but it usually turned out to be well-founded pessimism in disguise.

With this in mind, I dragged Mr Big along to the psychic fair and for a mere fiver, was admitted entry to the local arts centre transformed into a world where hippies ruled supreme. Middle-aged women sauntered among trestle tables of healing crystals, boxed tarot card sets, incense and bohemian jewellery of questionable style, but the psychics were where the real action was, at $30 or more a pop (ouch!).

Poor Mr Big looked terminally bored. I left him browsing books with titles like Find Your Guardian Angel and What Colour is My Aura? and stepped up to the only available psychic's table for a 20-minute tarot reading. She looked, well, like a pretty, thin, middle-aged lady with a kindly face bare of makeup. Not especially hippy-like. Good start, as far as appearances can take you.

I confessed to being a newbie and asked how we should proceed. She explained as she got me to shuffle and cut the card deck that I could either ask a specific question or have a general reading. I opted for the latter. Some nice-sounding cards came up in the latticework arrangement she made on the table. Except the hanged man. I hoped that wasn't a bad one.

When we started, I deliberately didn't reveal anything about myself to see what she would come up with unprompted. She zoned in on career questions, explaining I had many possible paths and that I should try to extend myself and learn new things (like trying a pyschic reading, perhaps?). She said my partner is very accommodating (correct) and that she could see travel to nordic countries like Denmark (Legoland?!).

All of her predictions sounded positive and in tune with my past, future goals and present plans. I was a bit puzzled when she could see pharmacy or chemistry around me, but hey, maybe she was predicting last night's jab in the bum to cure my migraine? Who knows. In any event, even the hanged man turned out to have a positive interpretation, something about the bubbles surrounding him representing opportunities I can pluck out of the air.

And there you have it, I'm all predicted up and ready to kick my future in the balls. Or something.

Have you visited a psychic? Did they have any startling predictions for you?


  1. Yes, I have and much like you I was a little hesitant. They (my yes, would be a few times)always seemed to say things that could be interpreted in many ways= thus would fit many of life's scenarios and what we "hoped" to hear.

    Things changed when a friend suggested I accompany her to see this medium (someone who deceased loved ones speaks through)... again I thought OK, it will be an interesting time. Well, when she said she had a message for me ... my thoughts were Uh... as she proceeded - I was shocked at how she described things and what she (well through her) was saying. At that moment, I realized some people have a gift of something, as there was no way this woman would have known anything of what she said. She wasn't so much about predicting future , as giving messages. So, perhaps a medium is different.

    It will be interesting to see what happens as time passes.

    What I do believe in is, our Spirit Guides and Angels. Doreen Virtue, Ph. D. has written many books on the subject. You may find them an interesting read.

    Sounds like you had an interesting outing .. and Mr. Big was certainly a darling to accompany you.

    Wishing you a fabulous day!! xo HHL

  2. Hey High Heeled,

    Yes she definitely made open-ended remarks at the start so I could interpret them how I wanted. It's interesting you found a medium to be different.

    I believe it's possible for people to have a 6th sense, it's just I'm not sure those people coincide with psychics who charge $5 a minute on a phone line (or $30 face-to-face). I've often wondered whether pyschic powers could be forced at all, ie maybe there are real psychics out there, but they can't perform a reading on command.

    It was definitely an interesting outing, either way and Mr Big was very patient!

    Have a great week.




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