Magazine Guide #24: Diabetic Living

Publication: Diabetic Living
How Often Does It Come Out: Six issues a year
Distribution: National

Contributors vs Staff Writers: Difficult to work out due to the lack of bylines. The contributors page seems to indicate an even spread, but several contributors are experts (dieticians, doctors etc) as well as writers.

Target Audience:
Age: 25+
Gender: Male and female.
Interests: Various aspects of living with diabetes such as exercise, food, lifestyle, weight and wellbeing.

Topics and Themes:
Articles include "Why Sexual Healing Can Save Your Life", "10 Good Things About Having Diabetes", "Play Your Social Cards Right" and "Happy Feet". Topics help readers with different aspects of life with diabetes at various ages and catering to all types of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, gestational, etc). Readers are offered advice to shed kilos, increase fitness, avoid diabetes complications, make healthy food choices, blend diabetes seamlessly into their lives and stay happy in their relationships.

Length of Features:
Previously 1,000-2,000 words, but now looking for more short, snappy articles under 1,000 words.

Tone and Style of Writing:
Lists, breakout boxes, subheadings and introductions up to 100 words are all popular. The mag also favours cut-out-and-keep guides, "good, better, best" comparisons and dot points with recommended actions (eg buy, eat, try, etc). The tone is positive and active, with common diabetes terms abbreviated (eg BGL = blood glucose level). Experts such as endocrinologists, exercise physiologists and diabetes educators are quoted in articles..

About How Many Features:
Apart from regular columns, first-person accounts, recipe pages and Q&As with experts, around 8 features.

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