Bucket List

Here's my current mini bucket list (five goals to focus on from the longer list below):

- Learn how to pick locks
- Go skinny dipping
- Bake Magnolia Bakery cupcakes featured in Sex and the City
- Attend a life drawing class
- Try archery


  1. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  2. Visit LEGOLAND. Completed 25 April 2013 with Mr Big at the Windsor, England theme park.
  3. Learn to play the guitar.
  4. Invent a boardgame.
  5. Learn French (I've already made a half-assed attempt).
  6. Become a published author.
  7. Go on a Sex and the City tour in New York.
  8. Visit Europe. Completed April 2013 on a trip to London, Paris, Brussels and Singapore.
  9. Be published in Vogue.
  10. Learn how to make cheese (dunno why, looks fun and I dig milky treats, okay?!). Completed 23 June 2012 at an adult learning class with my friend, Karen.
  11. Go zorbing.
  12. Try shooting a gun at a firing range. Completed 1 December 2012 with Mr Big. Had a mini heart attack every time I fired.
  13. Be an extra in a movie (er... aim high, right?).
  14. Write and sell a TV script.
  15. Attend a grand slam tennis event, preferably the Australian Open or Wimbledon.
  16. Build a Big Thing like the Big Pineapple.
  17. Attend a life drawing class (hey, I'm not a perve!).
  18. Learn Japanese.
  19. Try fencing.
  20. Become an awesome breakdancer!
  21. Learn an obscure musical instrument.
  22. Milk a cow.
  23. Learn archery.
  24. Go on a helicopter ride.
  25. Own a pinball machine.
  26. Learn how to pick locks (I can pretend I'm Hercule Poirot or something).
  27. See a psychic. Completed 15 January 2012 at the Pyschic Expo.
  28. Learn to play the ukulele because it's cute and people won't expect it. I want a pink one.
  29. Bake (not burn to a crisp) the cupcakes Carrie loved from the Magnolia Bakery in Sex and the City.
  30. Go skinny dipping.
  31. Visit a Hello Kitty restaurant.
  32. Hold a Guinness World Record in... something. : )
  33. Join a protest.
  34. Be a contestant on a TV game show.
  35. Attend a murder mystery evening.
  36. Do battle in a sumo suit.

Feel free to suggest more to me on Twitter @becksandthecity. I'm open to most things (except whatever you're thinking right now)!


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