"I Love Winning" Overview

The overview from my non-fiction book proposal for I Love Winning...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people are always in want of free stuff – even when they are in possession of a good fortune. (Sorry Jane Austen.) From multi-millionaire celebrities fawning over luxury goodie bags at awards shows to the average Powerball punter, everyone loves something for nothing.

Each year, compulsive competition entrants known as “compers” receive many somethings for nothing by sharing in the billion-dollar bounty of promotional prizes offered by Australian companies. A casual comper can win $2,000 worth in a year without breaking a sweat, while serious compers can win $50,000 in prizes. For some, it is even a full-time occupation. I Love Winning will teach beginners and seasoned professionals alike how to get the most out of this fun and profitable hobby.

Picture it: you’re a university student, stay-at-home parent, retiree or garden-variety lover of free stuff seeking an extra source of income (or the occasional luxury). You spot I Love Winning at your local supermarket, newsagency or bookstore. You never knew a book existed on how to enter competitions or if you suspected, never knew where to find it. On flipping through, you love the easy-to-follow tips and wealth of sample entries to guide you in your new pastime.

I Love Winning will help you to:
• Try mystery shopping, contribute a “letter to the editor” to your favourite magazine, sip complimentary champagne at VIP club events and write away for fabulous freebies
• Learn to enter Internet, mail-in, phone, SMS, radio, magazine and in-store competitions
• Start winning your luxurious holidays, money, clothes, DVDs, movie tickets and more
• Master “25 words or less” entries and learn other tricks to increase your chances
• Ace TV game show auditions and catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your favourite show
• Have fun with puzzles, games, quizzes and scavenger hunts
• Learn valuable hints from successful compers and competition judges
• Become fast friends with your mailman as you receive surprise packages in the post!

For seasoned compers, I Love Winning offers fresh advice on the most effective entry methods, valuable insight into judges’ loves and hates, and ideas, encouragement and a shoulder to cry on for times when they pine for the most beautiful, glorious prize yet and – wouldn’t you know it – inspiration fails them.

In a 60,000-word, 12-chapter compact guide, I Love Winning will avoid large, tedious blocks of text and provide a visually-entertaining exploration of comping featuring sidebars, screenshots of web sites, pictures of entry forms, helpful fact boxes, tables and lists of web sites.

All glowing reviews, constructive criticism and offers of free cupcakes welcome.

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