The Tiffany & Co Challenge

Currently I have two writing aims:
1. A recognisable magazine publishing a feature article I wrote.
2. An agent or publisher saying "yes" to my non-fiction book proposal, I Love Winning.

When my friend recently won a Pandora bracelet for stellar Avon sales (over $2,500 in a week!), I decided jewellery inspiration could help me too.

So, I'm dangling a glittering participle (word nerd joke there) in front of my nose from the Tiffany & Co. online store. If I achieve one of my aims, I'm treating myself to one of the pretty shiny things below, but which one?

Your votes please!

Heart earrings $165 (Aus)
Cupcake charm $250 (Aus)
Heart key pendant $250 (Aus)

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