Seven Books for New Writers

Having lurked in the Borders bookstore so often they probably suspect I'm a very well-read shoplifter, I've bought my fair share of writers' instruction manuals. I've found these 7 the most helpful.

1.   The Australian Writer's Marketplace
It (almost) goes without saying. This book lists agents, publishers, magazines that accept freelance submissions, courses, writing competitions and other goodies. So generally, it rocks.

2.   How I Got Published
Eighty famous authors explain how they got their first break. It's inspirational and practical. Brilliant!

3.   Bulletproof Book Proposals
Part I explains the different sections of a book proposal. Part II provides sample book proposals, along with commentary from agents, editors and authors analysing why each proposal worked. So helpful it hurts.

4.   Write to Publish
Marginally out-of-date, but otherwise the ideal guide for aspiring freelance writers in Australia.

5.   Getting Published
Comprehensive, entertaining and useful. The only drawback was I occasionally asked myself, "Does this advice still apply to the Australian writing market?".

6.   Publishing Magazine Articles
As above.

7.   Maverick Marketing
Okay, it helps that this book is a girly bright pink, but I love it for other reasons. I promise. Perfect for looking at your book proposal/query letter from the point of view of a publisher or editor. Filled with innovative ideas.

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