Query Letter: "Money" Magazine

I wrote to Money magazine offering to write an article on winning prizes in competitions...

Money for jam. Everyone's craving easy ways to make and save money, hopefully not involving any more goddamned soggy packed lunches! I would like to write an article on one such money-making method.

As an investment, my hobby ticks plenty of boxes -- almost zero-risk, profitable, tax-free and even loads of fun... I win competitions.

Don't laugh, in recent years, I've won over $10,000 in prizes, including $1,000 and a year's supply of toilet paper, trips to Japan and Melbourne, a $1,000 shopping spree and plenty of household appliances and products. For some, it is even a full-time profession. My article, "How to Win Money and Prizes", would show Money readers how to become "win-vestors" too.

As a qualified lawyer, mathematical and computer sciences graduate and mediator for Consumer Affairs, I can advise readers of the scams and gambling pitfalls to avoid when entering competitions. In 2,000 words, the article would cover how to craft a clever entry in "25 words or less", finding competitions with the best odds of winning, Internet and supermarket competitions, and selling prizes on eBay.

I am able to deliver it within two weeks of hearing you are interested.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Doyle
The response...
Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately we don’t accept external submissions. But we’d love to interview you for a story on the subject. Please let me know your contact details if this is something you’d be interested in…
At first I thought "Pfft, I want to write the article, not be the article". Then I thought, "Perhaps an editor/agent would be more intrigued by my book proposal if I can say 'as seen in Money magazine'".

So I did the interview. See whether it was published.

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