A qualified computer geek, law-talking dude and English major, I spend my (work) days educating the slack-jawed public on the subtleties of consumer law. Put another way, I get paid to talk about shopping. It ain't half bad.

However I'd rather be shopping. In New York. With Mr Big. In between writing for Vogue.

This be a slight problem because in the glamorous world of publishing, I am like a Jane Austen/Dickens protagonist early on in their tale -- wholly without connections. And with no Mr Darcy/Daddy Warbucks (yes, I know that was Annie, but damned if I can remember the Oliver equivalent) looking likely to sweep in and buy me a publishing house in the end, I'll just have to rely on my wealth of experience.

  • Honours English degree
  • 2 or 3 book reviews for uni newspaper
  • Law Society Bulletin "Article of the Year" award
  • Proficient in writing winning competition entries in "25 words or less" (more on this later)
While this looks half-decent on paper/computer screen, it adds up to a whole lot of not much in the magazine and publishing world. It's too theoretical/long ago/academic/WTF?

This blog will be my record of my exploits (stiletto me through the heart if I ever use the word "journey") trying to get published.


  1. Well now I need to know if you have had any success? Thanks for Rewinding x

  2. Hey MultipleMum. Yes, I'm gradually building up my writing portfolio with clips from my various magazine articles. Now it's just a matter of whether I can turn it into a full-time paying job. : )

    Thanks for the rewind -- I'm really getting into it. I'm now following you on GFC as well.





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