Write What You Know

Conventional wisdom says "write about your life experiences and knowledge". The trouble is working out my areas of expertise...

What I know:
Sex and the City (colour you surprised)
Changing careers
80s fashion (world authority on leg warmers and ra-ra skirts)
Law/maths/computer science/English stuffs
Winning competitions
Telling a hotel clerk in Japanese you're not paying for porn
Consumer law
Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta wedding dresses
Writing (funny) complaint letters
Mediating disputes (aka holding hands and singing "Kumbaya")
Fashion magazines (addicted since age 8)
The rhythm of my heart
Scrabble (yes, I even read Derryn Hinch's guide)
Computer adventure games (King's Quest etc)
Living next door to drug dealers and prostitutes

Only one of these is a lie. Bet you can't pick which one!

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