Micro-writing: "25 Words or Less" Competitions

 I'm obsessed by consumer competitions.

My favourites ones ask for entries like this: "Tell us why you deserve this luxurious holiday in 25 words or less". Even though the word count is tiny, entering these is surprisingly good training in writing and editing (not to mention occasionally profitable if you win!).

I'm hard-working as a Beck can be,
I'd love to go on a holiday, naturally,
Whether you're in the east or in the west,
Everyone knows that Gold Coast holidays are the best!

Word count: 33
Poop, need to prune 8 words...

Hard-working as a Beck can be,
I'd appreciate a holiday, naturally,
In the east, in the west,
Everyone knows Gold Coast getaways are the best!


You're not limited to little ditties and can seriously let fly with your creativity. But as seen above, you really learn to be stingy (in a good way) with words. Squeeze more meaning out of fewer words. I'm told those mythical publishing-editor creatures covet this skill.

Now if I could just catch a publisher-editor of my very own...


  1. I'd never even thought of having fun with competions like that. That's awesome.

  2. Hi there....popping over from the Weekend Rewind. I'm the author of Cocktails at Naptime. Pop over for a cocktail or too anytime xx

  3. I love those 25 words challenges too. So much fun!

    Visiting from the REwind.

  4. Hey Mum2Five -- very atmospheric purple background on your blog. I'm now a follower/stalker. : ) You'd really enjoy entering this type of competitions, I reckon. It's worth a shot!

    Hey Emma -- cool book concept. The cover art is really colourful and quirky too. I'll have to pick your brain sometime about how to get a book published. I've now joined your site.

    They're great, aren't they Fibro. The weekly rewinds are so much fun. : )




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