"Cosmo Bride" Blogger Application # 2

My second go at applying for the "Cosmo Bride" blogger gig.

Name: Beck Doyle

Age: 30
State: SA

Sample blog:

Working for Consumer Affairs, I hear many strange and shocking stories. Complaints about g-strings, crossbows, model trains and lollipops? All in a day's work.

Often the most distressing (and difficult to resolve) complaints, however, belong on Funniest Wedding Disasters 4 or similar god-awful TV show. Without the funny, unfortunately.

I’ve heard of vile venues, dress dry-cleaning disasters and lost engagement ring laments. Even, sadly, a bride-to-be cancelling her wedding after her fiancé lost his job. Once a “perfect” wedding day is sullied, it isn’t soon forgotten.

So I ask you: How do you get to “happily ever after” without disaster?

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