Freelancing: Can I Really Do It?

Traditionally, my writing style has been "hammer out a helpful and snazzy-sounding piece and cut and paste it into logical order". Apparently, magazine writing requires a tad more...

Like, interviews and case studies and statistics to back up my arguments. Gulp. Then there's the businessy stuff -- invoicing publications and claiming tax deductions and suchlike. I didn't sign up for that.

But wait, I haven't signed up for it yet! I'm still just browsing at freelancing writing as a career. Like a deadbeat boyfriend, I haven't committed.

Right now, I work at Consumer Affairs four days a week and spend Wednesdays writing. Do I want to write more and increase my part-time hours? Should I write full-time? If these are my eventual aims, when do I make the leap?

I stumbled across Pamela Wilson's blog entry with a video on this exact topic. It offers useful advice on planning your freelancing career and how to know you're ready to start in earnest.

In the meantime, there's a big IF to answer first. IF my 'on spec' article is accepted...


  1. Hi Beck, thanks for your comments in my blog, I think everything you do in life require a lot of effort especially in the freelance world where there is so much competition, right now, you have the perfect arrangement, one day a week you dedicate it to write, I think it will be perfect for now, until you can make more from that. Take slow steps in the beginning and things will be better in the future.


  2. I'd say go for it! I did about 7 months ago and I never looked back. Although there are definite hurdles along the way (I learned a ton!), all of the work has been worth it. You may want to line up a few clients before you officially get started. This way the transition from part-time to full-time won't be so hairy.

  3. You guys are right -- part-time's good right now until I have a few clients lined up, so I should work towards that. Then I'll be ready to go full-time. Thanks for the pep talks. : )

    Brandi, I love your blog, but wanted to subscribe and couldn't work out how. The RSS feed subscribe thing seemed broken?

  4. Best of luck! I'm sure it will work out for you. Really enjoy what I've read of your writing on this blog.

  5. Ta Sadako. : )

    Still stressing about my article. One more day of obsessive checking of my email before I find out, I reckon!



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