The Waiting Game

The waiting game is marginally better than The Crying Game, as it involves fewer genital-related surprises. Yet, I kinda suck at it and it is all kinds of icky. To ease my troubled mind, I've been shopping...

My email housing my draft on spec article has zoomed away. God speed, little doodle. I am now waiting for the verdict and because I don't handle these situations well, shopping up a tornado. Purchases: pink pyjamas with icecream pattern, black velour biker jacket, vintage bower bird blue dress and bolero, grey knitted puffer cardigan and shoes that look like the spoils from mugging a dominatrix. I appear to have gone a bit mental.

It's kinda fitting we had an election here today. I feel like an anxious candidate hoping her electorate has responded to her campaign.

Vote 1: Becks for the Magazine Writing Party!

(Advertisement written and spoken by Rebecca Doyle for the MWP, Adelaide.)


  1. I can see you did a lot of purchasing, I think going shopping is good therapy for when you have some kind of problem, I personally don't like it, I feel that I will get an anxiety attack whenever I get to any store, but I have seen people that can go and stay there hours.


  2. Hi Becks I leave you a blog award on my blog, please stop by to see




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