Freelancing Fears

In fantasising about freelancing as a full-time gig rather than a haphazard hobby, I've collected a list of concerns...
  1. Forsaking Civilisation: What if writing in residence means I degenerate into a Lord of the Flies existence, lolling on the couch sans makeup, in my pyjamas and brandishing a spear in case a stray pig trots past?
  2. Health: What if crazy marooned kids start hunting me because I've turned into a porker through lack of exercise?
  3. Sty-mied: What if I can't work properly from the house clogging up with papers, books and magazines and becoming a pigsty?
  4. Bringing Home the Bacon: What if my 2011 tax return lists an income of $20? What if, according to Sod's Law, I have no publications showing any interest for weeks, and then five accept my queries all at once?
  5. Piggy in the Middle: What if I can't leave work at work, because work and home are the same goddamn place? What if, I have the buyer's remorse with freelancing and would like a return (to work)?
I couldn't help but wonder... how do I ensure freelance writing as a full-time gig doesn't turn into a full-time pig?


  1. I think I have the same worries than you, but see my situation is even worst, my first language is not the English, so I see in this way, this blogging thing may not work but at least my English improve. If we don't try we won't know what will be the outcome.


  2. Blackberry? That way you could write and run on the treadmill at the same time, thus reducing piggishness from that respect.

    Um, the slovenliness? That's what cleaners are for :-)

    Thanks for the heads up about your blog, it looks really interesting and best of luck!!

  3. The Blackberry running would be an excellent solution, except for my extreme un-coordination while exercising. I'm likely to write "oNec upON a tyme" then trip and fly off the treadmill and go eat chocolate to console myself.

    Good to hear I'm not alone with these worries though. : )

  4. Thanks for stopping by my page!! I love your blog! It's so cute (: Definitely following!

  5. Thanks Kelly Marie,

    Will be stopping by Confessions of a Law School Dropout regularly as well. Love it!



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