Tiffany & Co Challenge: Update #3

Happy Easter everyone! I'm one happy bunny, as the mystery magazine has accepted my article!!

Both my editor and her boss have given my article the okay, with some minor revisions. I've cobbled together an invoice and signed a tax declaration form. This is all new to me and slightly scary. That is, until my tax-savvy friend pointed out I will be able to claim buying my beloved magazines as a deduction. Happy days indeed!

So, I've won the Tiffany & Co Challenge, with an article I wrote soon to be published in a ridgy-didge magazine. My payment for the article ($500) will cover my Tiffany shopping expenses with a tidy amount left over (handbag?). It's now the time we've (at least, I've) been waiting for: choosing the prize...

Your votes please!

Heart earrings $165 (Aus)

Cupcake charm $250 (Aus)

Heart key pendant $250 (Aus)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS LADY (: That is so exciting!! & I love the earrings - very classic!

  2. oh very nice congratulations, the earrings are the cutest one in my opinion, enjoy, you deserve it


  3. Thanks guys, I think half the pleasure is in picking. Still haven't decided -- they're all so cute! : )



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