How to Carrie On

Being paid for writing a magazine article? Tick. What do I "Carrie on" with next in my quest to become a credible writer?

I've decided to name and shame myself. I'll give you a deadline and you can hold me accountable to it. I'm giving myself one week to finish the first three chapters of my "I Love Winning" book so I can finally send out my book proposal. They're mostly done, but I haven't worked on them in forever and I need a kick-start. So that's it. One week, Miss Becks.

Your time... starts... NOW!

(PS Sex and the City 2 was awesome and to Roger Ebert: suck it, noob.)


  1. Thanks Ashley. Now if the computers would just stop breaking down at work, I could do some covert printing of my manuscript... : D

  2. did you finish the first 3 chapters?? one week is up isn't it? sorry i couldn't comment earlier i got caught up!
    let me know how it worked out with a deadline; personally i dread those things :)
    hugs Alujna

  3. Good luck - you can do it :)

    By the way you came and commented on my blog about three months ago with an award. I am SO SO sorry I didn't respond. I took an unexpected three month break from writing but I really appreciate that and wanted to let you know I would never intentionally not thank you.

    Kate xx

  4. Thanks for the well wishes guys!

    My deadline didn't quite work out, but it's great to have your support. : )



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