Fabulous Fridays: 12 November 2010

Between dashing off a last-minute job application, I'm taking a breath and getting all dance-inspired (as if I'm ever not), starting with Alexander McQueen's stunning confection above. Here's my best of the web this week...

Latest loves...

Reading: The application forms for a promotion at work. Wish me luck!
Listening: "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz, "Alone" by Heart, "Take It Off" by Kesha (I know, skanky, but so damn catchy).
Tasting: Adam's san choy bao (tasty spiced chicken mince on lettuce). Healthy + hearty = win!
Loving: Mood-boosting sunshine, strolling the Fisherman's Wharf markets with Adam, testing  iPhone fashion apps, luxe labels for less a la Stella McCartney for Target and Peter Morrissey for Big W, cobalt blue and yellow.
Awaiting: My ouchy toe to stop throbbing, planning our next overseas trip, my new purple shoes to be shipped from Modcloth, the wig party this weekend, a slim summer physique.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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