Fabulous Fridays: 19 November 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of weekend and the Web! Let's hope a stunning, surprising, sexy and scintillating time will be had by all. ; )

  • Designer digs on the cheap with the Lavender Label and Simply Vera Vera Wang diffusion lines. Why did no one tell me earlier?!!
  • Kate "Waity Katie" Middleton is engaged. Good on her. Now leave her alone, tabloids. She doesn't seem like a bad sort.
  • If, like me, you ever pipe up with "That top is gorgeous!!" or "I want that character's shoes!!" when watching a movie or TV show, this will be your heaven. Stumbled across it while Googling Penny's clothes from The Big Bang Theory. She often wears Truly Madly Deeply and Lucky brand clothing, apparently.
  • A new crop of Aussie beauties and geeks and they've just had the makeover episode. Is it me or did Thomas look better beforehand, Hawaiian shirts and all?
  • A game of Memory masquerading as proof of psychic powers?
  • Is Facebook leaving you breathless? Keep your inhaler handy.
  • You're trapped in a room and can't remember how you got there. Claustrophobic fun!

Latest loves...

Reading: Brochures for journeys to very exotic locations. Like Shropshire
Listening: To myriad old and young farts banging on about some very lame consumer disputes. Sometimes, it isn't the principle of the matter. You just pay the extra five cents and let it drop, dudes!
Tasting: Chiko rolls (retro!), Arnott's Pizza Shapes and shepherds' pie. It has been a dubious week for dieting at chez Beck.
Loving: Winning the work volleyball semi-final, naughty Christmas costumes, Top Gear despite knowing nada about cars, ass-kickingly enormous earrings, switching to my assumed (ie married) name, puzzles of all kinds.
Awaiting: Shopping trips on work time next week aka "monitoring," the results of today's job interview, a decent space of time to write, swinging from the pole next, and a non-gammy leg after another physio sesh.


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