Fabulous Fridays: 17 December 2010

Happy Fabulous Friday!!! While Adam and I are drinking and dancing up a storm at a wedding, sit back, relax and browse through these gems the Internet has brought us this week...

Libra: The difficult lunar connections only serve to keep yesterday's difficulties alive and so you should be sure to keep this in mind as you move through what may be a day very similar to yesterday. Though today it seems to come from or via your partner who may have been given a hard time by someone they work with or for. Try to break the cycle in some pleasing way tonight together.

Hello, Lover!
DKNY suede sandals from Net-A-Porter

Next week... the special Christmas eve edition. See you then. : )


  1. I've come here via Frock'n'Roll, enjoyed your article on Australian Fashion Blogs - it's nice to see us catching up with everyone and holding our own!

    As for Warnie & Liz, ugh - smacks of publicity stunt. Good luck to them if it's real, I find them both quite vapid.

  2. Hi there! Found your fun blog through blog hop!

    Check out my Holiday Blog Hop here:


    Share holiday traditions while Hoppin’ from blog to blog

  3. Thanks LaLa and Caitlin.

    Luckily, Warnie and Hurley (or Harnie, as I prefer to call them) seem to have dissolved as a pairing.

    Now we can all breathe easy and have a very Merry Xmas!!



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