Fabulous Fridays: 24 December 2010

I've finally done it. As of NOW, I'm officially a full-time writer for a year. Well, a brief holiday first and then knuckling down on 1 January 2011, promise. : )

It's been an eventful week. My interview with Today Tonight about Internet shopping was aired on Monday evening (although I hear my on-screen presence lasted for about .02 seconds). This adds to my TV appearance on The Morning Show and interview in Money magazine earlier this year. It's kinda fun, but primarily pimping myself out to various media outlets is with the aim of jacking up my credibility for my book proposal. Priority number one for 2011 or The Year of Beck Writing, as it shall now be known. One interview's a fluke, two's a coincidence and three's a pattern. Yummy patterny goodness. Book deal now please?

For now, we'll be decking our halls for a few select guests and some truly hideous holiday DVDs for our traditional Crap Movie Christmas Eve event. First up, Deck the Halls with Danny Devito and Sarah Jessica Parker's hubby, Matthew Broderick. Then, Superbad. PS, did you know John Corbett, actor playing Sex and the City's Aidan, is in real life Tarzan to Bo Derek's Jane? Yep, they're a couple. I would've thought her old enough to be his mum, but they're only 4.5 years apart. Wow.

Latest loves...

Reading: I'm eyeing off the Harry Potter series, but am scared it will spoil the final movie for me. Decisions, decisions...
Listening: Cranking the Christmas tunes, which in our house means David Hasselhoff and Mariah Carey. Terribly unfashionable, but cheery!
Tasting: Adam's spaghetti bolognese, pavlova (Best. Dessert. Ever!), umpteen scrumptious things at the all-day grazing table at work today.
Loving: Karaoke carols with Consumer Affairs colleagues -- nothing says festive fun like Wham's "Last Christmas" and vodka Cruisers, learning how to peel prawns, winning a gift bag full of Dior makeup from Myer, catching up with old friends this week, being a free(lancing) agent for 12 months as of NOW!!!
Awaiting: Yuletide snow in Australia (it could happen, right?), Santa Claus leaving a Tiffany toy under the tree for me, post-Christmas sales, fireworks and holographic false eyelashes at New Year's.

Merry Christmas from Becks and the City. May it be filled with fun, food, friends, family and Fendi!


  1. Following you from relax and surf sundays blog hop.Please come on by Id love a follow back http://beachbabys.blogspot.com/

  2. Congrats! I hope you get that book deal because you are a really talented writer! Happy holidays!

  3. Howdy! Thanks for the follow at There's a Contest for That; I returned the favour! :)

  4. Ooooooooooooo! You're a CELEBRITY!?!?! YAY! Thanks for the follow...I am now following you back. Happy New Year! :)

  5. Just found your blog of TTYI and Loved it! I'm your newest follower! Congrats on becoming a full time writer :)


  6. Hi! We're happily following you via FMBT! We would love for you to follow us if you like what we've got goin' on :)


  7. Heya happy blog hoppers! Thanks for stopping by -- I've now returned the favour.

    Sally, I'm definitely not a celebrity, otherwise where did my maid, personal chef etc go? ; ) But thanks for the compliment.

    Thanks Sascha as well -- coming from you this is high praise indeed.

    Have a great holiday season.


  8. I'm loving your blog! Looks like you're building a pretty solid platform for that proposal. Best of luck to you! Following from everydayphilanthropistblog.com

  9. Hey Nicole,

    I might need to pick your brain sometime about the whole getting published process. I'm really into your book topic -- such a wonderful thing to encourage people to do.

    Thanks for visiting me back. : )


  10. Congratulations! Isn't it awesome when things start happening towards your heart's desires?

    Thank you so much for following my blogs . . . I'm following your blogs too :)

    Have a wonderful day . . . Gina


  11. Thanks Gina!!

    Hope you have an awesome 2011. : )



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