Fabulous Fridays: 3 December 2010

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! I've been in Melbourne stalking designer bargains and making musical memories at the U2 concert, so this week's Fabulous Friday is slightly belated. Let's kick it off without any more hesitation...

On the luscious link front, Style Sample magazine has a very instructive article, How to: Create Your Writing Portfolio. This is my current focus, so I was stoked to find it.

For those breathlessly awaiting it, my work gossip from last week was the promotion essentially promised to me never eventuated (even though there were actually two of these jobs to be filled). Not happy, Jan. Have decided to address this career crisis by taking a year's leave without pay and concentrate on writing (hooray!). Planning to wear my most ruthlessly kick-ass outfit tomorrow to boost confidence when negotiating.

On a lighter note, December's Shop Til You Drop did an "All My Stuff" interview with Tahyna Tozzi (page 190). I decided to prepare my answers to these questions ready for when I hit the big time. Here's a few of my favourite fashionable things...

Underwear: Bonds.
Jeans: Sportsgirl.
T-shirt: Witchery.
Shoes: Wittner.
Watch: Guess.
Sunglasses: Portmans.
Swimsuit: Jets by Jessika Allen.
Dress: Vintage and Veronika Maine.
Bags: Chanel (in my dreams).
Designer: Alannah Hill and Stella McCartney.
Hobby: Pole dancing.

Lips: Revlon.
Bronzer: Revlon (won in a competition on their web site!).
Shampoo: PPS Hot Chocolate.
Hair Product: ghd hair straighteners are unbeatable.
Body Wash: The Body Shop strawberry shower gel.
Moistureiser: Nivea.
Perfume: DKNY Be Delicious.
Nail Polish Shade: American Apparel's Butter.
Latest Discovery: Christian Dior Diorshow mascara.

Sheets: Marie Claire.
Candle: Yeurch, none thanks.
Flower: Peonies and tulips.
Stationery: Typo.
Kitchen Tool: Phone for ordering takeaway.
Luggage: For when I strike it rich, Vuitton of course.
Gadget: iPhone.
Car: Honda Jazz.
Snack: Bananas and cream.
Drink: Japanese Calpico soda in grape flavour.
Book: Tomorrow When the War Began by John Marsden.
CD: Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions.

See you next Friday!


  1. Great post!!! Yeah, for taking the plunge to focus on your writing!!! Your book will rock and you will look back at the non-promotion as a gift and blessing!!! I love your silver lining postive attitude! and your lists devine... Happy Sunday my friend!! xo HHL

  2. Can you shrink yourself down to Tinkerbell size and sit on my shoulder to give me pep talks all the time? ; ) I love it, thanks for motivating me, High Heeled!




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