Fabulous Fridays: 26 November 2010

Today's Fabulous Friday is brought to you from the sweaty depths of my sickbed (sexy!). Have basically spent the past few days cleaning, snoozing, hanging at the doctor's surgery and getting screwed over at work (rowrr -- more goss on this later). Along the way I've been browsing a few links...

  • Mr Frosty icy drink maker. I majorly hearted these as a kid and wanted one so badly!
  • Why James Spader is hot. As if playing Alan Shore on Boston Legal wasn't reason enough.
  • 37 weird jobs. Could I sneak a year off my "normal" occupation and become a chicken sexer, pet detective or if I work my way through this list, odd job journalist?
  • Is it okay to show politically incorrect 70s TV gold, Love the Neighbour, again yet? It was the bigoted white man who usually got his comeuppance and it was darn funny, so where's the harm?
  • Jessica Mauboy and Ricki-Lee Coulter, two truly underrated Australian Idol cast-offs. Yep, Ricki-Lee's Can't Touch It was the promo song for Sex and the City 2. As for Jess, she's just released Get 'Em Girls and Saturday Night which are dynamite tunes, but the videos are kinda lame. What's your take?
  • It's an ugly T-shirt with three wolves on it. Now scroll down to customer reviews. Pure gold.
  • A trip to Paris to eat croissants and hang out with other writer types for a fortnight? Sign me up!

Separated at Birth: Me and Kirsten Dunst?

Looking forward to a happier and healthier weekend for me and you. : )


  1. Oh my friend I hope you are feeling better... Its snowing here today. These are some fabulous finds!!! You saved the best for last ... took a quick look and October 20, 2011 is now on my calendar .. I have to run to yoga ..but will be reading up on this adventure when get back... hugs... xo HHL

  2. I hope the weekend picked up for you

  3. I can't believe it's snowing where you are, High Heeled! It's been 36 degrees Celcius here. October 20 will indeed be a blessed day if I can go on the trip... and it's only a week after my birthday. Would be the best present ever!

    Thanks for your good wishes, Loz. This last week has been much better -- I've been on holiday in Melbourne to see U2! : )



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