Alannah Hill Challenge: Update #1

It's dangerous to stray too close to the Alannah Hill counter in David Jones. That's me above trying on a cardie this morning and falling in love with it. It took every scrap of willpower I possess to resist purchasing it, especially as it was marked down ($149.95 from $220). At least I've been inching closer to winning the Alannah Hill Challenge and earning my precious cardie...

To win the challenge, my mission is to compile an impressive freelance writing portfolio. I haven't acquired any new clips yet, but I've been working my way through the steps to success I conjured up last week.

Here's my progress to date:
  • Print out and re-read my notes from the Sydney Writers' Centre freelancing course. Did this today.
  • Write an average of one pitch email per weekday, mostly ones from my "First Magazines to Tackle" list and follow up by phone a couple of days later. Ongoing. I've pitched once per weekday on average, but haven't phoned yet because I figure editors are likely still sunbathing in the Bahamas until mid-January.
  • Scour blogs of established freelancers to find more "First Magazines to Tackle". I added Women's Health and Fitness, Wellbeing and eBaylife to my list.
  • Create a list of pitches and ideas so I can keep track of them and reuse unsuccessful pitches for other magazines. Haven't recycled any pitches yet, but I'm keeping track using a Chemplus calendar Adam's mum gave me. Daggy, but effective!
  • Keep adding to the magazine guides on Becks and the City (YenDance Australia etc -- "First Magazines to Tackle"). You may have noticed the Vogue and Yen guides materialising on the site in recent days. More to follow.
  • Notify Sydney Writers' Centre of my successes. None yet, but not too concerned... There was bound to be a time lag before the successes start (undoubtedly!) rolling in.
My pitches so far have been to Cosmo Bride, SA Motor, frankie, eBaylife, Jetstar Magazine and SA Life. Today's idea will be sent to Yen. Well, once I finish that email languishing in my drafts.

Time will tell whether my pitches will be converted to runs on the board and cardies on the Beck...


  1. You're keeping busy! Good work and good luck!

  2. Thanks Sascha -- I heard back from one of the magazines yesterday to commission an article from me. Hooray!! Very excited. : )

  3. I'm a new follower stopping by from the Mid Week Mingle.

    Come visit & give me a follow at:

    Thank you & Happy New Year!

  4. Welcome, Marie! I've now visited your blog. I love a good photography fix. Thanks for following. : )




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