Magazine Guide #15: Dance Australia

Publication: Dance Australia
How Often Does It Come Out: Six issues per year
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
A fair chance, although the magazine is advertising in this issue for a Sydney-based freelance writer to join their staff.
Target Audience:
Age13-50 and beyond
Gender: Female
Interests: Classical ballet and related forms of dance (contemporary, musical theatre etc).
Topics and Themes:
Topics include nutrition, techniques, dance education, performances and professionals. The Australian Ballet and upcoming musicals touring nationwide are obviously a focus. Articles are tailored toward professional dancers, students, choreographers and teachers.
Length of Features:
Several pieces are 2,000 words. Shorter pieces are from 500 words.
Tone and Style of Writing:
Dance Australia has a factual, authoritative language style. It assumes a knowledge of dance jargon in its readers (eg a story on grand jetes). Interviews can be Q-and-A or slotted directly into the article, but frequently appear in one form or another. They're not enthused by breakout boxes or subheadings. This is a serious dance magazine.
About How Many Features:
Ten, counting reviews.

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