Magazine Guide #16: Peppermint

Publication: Peppermint
How Often Does It Come Out: Quarterly
Distribution: National
Contributors vs Staff Writers:
A decent chance, considering the gorgeous, uncluttered new web site has a submissions page. Include brief details about yourself, why you're contacting the magazine, where you hail from, your background and what you can offer. Warning: "budgets are limited".
Target Audience:
Age: I reckon 18-35
Gender: Female
Interests: Fashion, sewing, art and craft, and beauty, all with a vintage-organic-ethical-environmental slant.
Topics and Themes:
Where do I begin? I'd never given this mag the time of day before, but I am totally enthralled now. Reasons to adore it include simple, stunning sewing patterns, and articles on a caravan that doubles as a vintage shop, one woman's six-month ban on buying new clothes, and an eco-mermaid. No, I'm not kidding!
Length of Features:
Generally 500-1,200 words.
Tone and Style of Writing:
Relaxed and colloquial without too much word-play. Interviews are the question-and-answer variety. A mixture of third- and first-person perspective is used and some articles employ case studies. Blogs and web site URLS are religiously cited. Breakout boxes and expert quotations have taken a vacation and are nowhere in sight.
About How Many Features:
Hard to tell short snippets from articles, but around 14.


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