Personal Goals 2011

To continue my spate of sharing my 2011 goals, here's my personal ones. Notice from the first category that apparently to me, fun = travel and yes, my writing goals are incorporated here. Am fatty boomba also. 

Fun and Relationships
·         Organise trip to Kingston/Naracoorte/Mount Gambier with Adam
·         Organise trip to NZ with Adam
·         Organise mega overseas trip with Adam to Paris/New York/London/anywhere awesome!
·         Go on a girls’ trip away... somewhere.

·         Lose weight so I am less than 70kg.

·         Visit financial planner.
·         Maintain decent income while freelancing.
·         Get agent/publisher for book proposal.
·         Vastly improve magazine writing portfolio.

Perhaps I should look into diet airplane food...


  1. All the best to you in your quest. I will follow along to witness your success. Thanks for following my blog as well.

  2. I love Sex and The City =)
    Also loved your blog.
    I'm Spanish but my blog's in English, come take a look!

  3. Just read about the Tiffany challenge - and laughed! :-) So glad it's not just me! Last summer when slogging through the book my husband foolishly agreed to buying me a Mulberry handbag if I signed a publishing deal... Soon, my pretty, soon... >:-D

    Debbie x

  4. Love the travel goals. I'm so jealous. Hope you take lots of pictures of these trips!

  5. Your personal goals sounds so fabulous! I hope you achieve each and every one! Happy New Year!

  6. Hi! Good luck with your 2011 goals! Fun = travel for me too.

    Thanks for visiting me recently. Now I'm following you.

    Enjoy the weekend! :)

  7. Greetings, fabulous followers!

    I am now following all of you back. : )

    Good to hear you had a "Mulberry challenge" Debbie. : ) We writers need to find inspiration where we can and if Mulberry's your muse, so be it! I too am glad to hear I'm not alone with this fashion-spiration!

    We're waiting for Adam's passport to arrive at the moment, and then trip planning ahoy. : )


  8. I hope you'll have fun in all those trips. My husband and I love to travel, too. In fact, we check out different countries and tourist destinations online. Mount Gambier's Blue Lake is amazing because it changes color every year. If you want to save on cash, make reservations in advance. And when it comes to your finances, I suggest saving for emergency funds in case you run out of budget.

  9. Thanks Sofia!

    I just picked up an "SA Shorts" booklet today to investigate accommodation at Mount Gambier. My friend also recommended Peppertree Cottage in Normanville to me. She said it was the best B&B ever!



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