Writing Goals For 2011

Welcome to my year of full-time freelancing!

After some soul-searching, I've set my two main goals for 2011. With the success of The Tiffany Challenge in 2010, I'll issue myself new challenges with designer prizes to help motivate me. The goals and the steps to achieving them are below. I'm hoping to polish these off by the close of January and set new ones. How far do you think I'll get? ; )

1.   Grow a Freelancing Portfolio of High-profile Magazines

  • Print out and re-read my notes from the Sydney Writers' Centre freelancing course.
  • Write an average of one pitch email per weekday, mostly ones from my "First Magazines to Tackle" list and follow up by phone a couple of days later.
  • Scour blogs of established freelancers to find more "First Magazines to Tackle".
  • Create a list of pitches and ideas so I can keep track of them and reuse unsuccessful pitches for other magazines.
  • Keep adding to the magazine guides on Becks and the City (Yen, Dance Australia etc -- "First Magazines to Tackle").
  • Notify Sydney Writers' Centre of my successes.

The Alannah Hill Challenge

You may have gleaned from previous posts that I have a major crush on Alannah Hill's cutesy cardies, frilly frocks and alluring accessories. The challenge, if I choose to accept it, is to compile an impressive freelancing portfolio. My reward will be running free in the Alannah Hill Rundle Street store and picking out a cardie or equivalent fashion delight. Excitement!

2.   Get My Non-Fiction Book Published

  • Write another blog post on my other blog, I LOVE WINNING.
  • Amass 200 Google followers on that blog.
  • Print out my book proposal and sample chapters.
  • Finish sample chapters.
  • Update proposal with 2010 media training and appearances, plus freelance writing, and check comparisons with other books etc are still up-to-date.
  • Create ordered list of agents and publishers to whom I'll send my proposal.
  • Select first round of agents and publishers to send to and check their guidelines.
  • Send out proposal/cover letters to first round.

The Marc Jacobs Challenge

Obsessed. Love these mouse flats, which have been released in a dazzling array of colours and styles. If I snare either an agent or publisher for my book, I'm treating myself to an adorable pair. White or black patent? Decisions, decisions!

Keep a watch out for frequent updates on my sure-to-be-stellar progress!


  1. Hi Becks,

    Great blog- Such exciting goals for 2011! I just wanted to wish you all the best from the team here at the Sydney Writers' Centre, and to keep us posted with how you go!

    How is your first year of full-time freelancing going?

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Rose,

    The Sydney Writers' Centre is the best -- I did the online freelancing course there with Valerie last year. I'm hanging for Feature Writing Stage 2 to become an online course. Can't wait!

    I've just had a magazine say yes to one of my pitches and it's only week two of my full-time freelancing, so I'm pretty happy so far.

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. : )




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