The Year That Was 2010

Beck's Year 2010...
  1. Married Adam and had an action-packed honeymoon jet-skiing, snorkeling and photographing Big Things.
  2. Was interviewed by The Morning Show, Today Tonight and Money magazine.
  3. Began eating red meat again.
  4. Had my first magazine article published by Cosmo Bride.
  5. Became hooked on pole dancing classes and mastered inverts, the "teddy bear" and assorted other tricks.
  6. Wore outrageous hairstyles, sipped oversized cocktails, saw U2 live, and cleared out the shops on two girls' trips to Melbourne.
  7. Celeb-spotted Marion from Masterchef  in Cairns.
  8. Witnessed one of my favourite teenage novels become film magic by seeing Tomorrow When the War Began.
  9. Channeled my inner handywoman by installing a tap and patching gyprock holes at home.
  10. Went on a midnight undie scavenger hunt.
  11. Raised Minnie from kitten to cuddly cat and incorporated her into Jemma's crazy world.
  12. Treated myself to Tiffany earrings.
  13. Built my blogs, Becks and the City and I LOVE WINNING, from beginner to (somewhat) bustling.
  14. Weathered the disappointment of the Sex and the City movie.
  15. Dabbled in dark hair, vintage clothes and designer mascara.
  16. Ate barramundi, enjoyed a pedicure, took a tour with some kindly elderly folk and gawked at many a crocodile in Darwin.
  17. Was offered a promotion, then another, then wasn't, then was, then wasn't. Who can keep up?
  18. Became a Gleek and fan of The Big Bang Theory.
  19. Organised twelve months off next year to write, write, write.
  20. Met and shared company with fascinating, fantastic people along the way!
Here's to a great year and wishing you an even better one for 2011. : )


  1. Wow! It's great that you can look back on so many accomplishments!!!

    AubrieAnne @

  2. Sounds like you've had an awesome year! Happy new 2011 to you!

  3. A blog hop? I am so there! Thanks CP -- I'm all linked up now.

    Happy new year Sascha. Hope you have a wonderful 2011. : )

    Thanks AubrieAnne, it was a really good exercise writing this list of 20 achievements. It helped me appreciate how far I've come. Have a great new year!

  4. Following from Baby bottom line:) Love your blog and I hope to see you around ThreeBoys sometime soon.
    Happy New Year:)

  5. Hi Becks,

    Sounds like you had a really exciting year - and like me a newly wed! Our honeymoon was a bit more chilled out though... :-)

    Good luck with your agent hunt! If you skim through my blog posts you'll see there was no real masterplan - sometimes things just come together - as I'm sure they will for you! Having an agent definitely makes it all feel more like it might happen for me.

    Good luck with your writing! :-)

    Debbie x

  6. Hi Sarah and Slade, I'm now following you back.

    Thanks Debbie -- it sounds like the ol' "keep plugging away until you get there" route for finding an agent is the way to go.

    Hope you have an awesome year writing in 2011.




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