Fabulous Fridays: 4 March 2011

The week of Witchery is drawing to a close. While shoppers put me through my paces at my trial as a shop girl yesterday, I've shopped around for the best of the web...

  • End the week on a high note.
  • After seeing teabag nipple pasties at the burlesque show last week, I'm pastie-curious. Perhaps best left to the boudoir, but here's how to make your own!
  • I've been revisiting my Lily Allen albums of late and desperately craving new tunes from her. Since it'll be quite a wait, have a listen to one of my faves instead. Is it me, or does it sample the boppy Sesame Street piano refrain?
  • Buh-bye, sucky show! Charlie Sheen's scourge of TV cancelled
  • Tyra's copping some flak for her new Top Model promo, but I dunno, she's not making fun of anyone in particular. Sense of humour lacking in some people, methinks.
  • Wedding web site wonder, Style Me Pretty, has released an e-glossy.  Sigh-worthy fashion, styling tips and photographs.
  • Sandi Sieger from Onya Magazine tells us why everything's f*cked. Sandi, I so agree with your rant about crap customer service. I'm just cheering my good fortune in not having to deal with it at Consumer Affairs anymore!
  • Sigh, he even talks like Mr Darcy during his Oscar acceptance speech. If you need to attend to any impulses backstage Colin, I'd be delighted to assist. ; )
  • I think we've all declared a hatred for something and then done a 180. Emma Stone's hilarious portrayal of this phenomenon from one of my fave films.
  • My computer desktop right now. So pretty!
Wishing you farewell and good buys for another week!

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