Beauty Words for Writers

Writing about beauty and stuck for the perfect term to describe that lippie, blush or bronzer? Try this cloud of words and phrases.

Long-lasting, flawless, coverage, creamy, floats, spill-proof, superficial, ground-breaking, face-saving, floral scent, foolproof, looking luscious, porcelain, peps up, precious, laid-back, neon nails, grooming, restorative, lotion, locks, a personal fave of *celeb*, Utopia, eco-chic, nourishing, detangle, eco-friendly, natural, glittery and Gaga-esque, slick, sheer, bursting, clean and chic, saturated, luminous, delicious, delicate, luxe and lovely, sweet-scented, blending, nurturing and natural, cleansing, goodness, smudge, bare-faced bargains, ethical, without the Botox, ostentatious, OTT (over the top), makeup artist to the stars, grown-up party, uneven, epitomises, grungy glamour, twinkle, erase, flaky, shimmery, TLC, de-stress, detox, banish wrinkles, fake, metallic, mind-blowing, channel a Victoria's Secret model, brilliant, wonder, blending, bold, visible, pores, moisturising, soak, bombshell, touch, texture, lightweight, pretty, dramatic, mystique, musky, silky, won't budge, marine queen, hot and heavy, formula, smooth, youthful, peachy keen, tortured tresses, minty and marvellous, washed, younger, hydrates, refreshes, filmy residue, fuller, plumps, voluptuous, sensitive, highlighting, warm, intense, wows onlookers, scrub.

Got more words? I'll add them.

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