Fabulous Fridays: 29 April 2011

Morning, sexy chickadees! Hope your Easter was full of many happy funs and we got a short work week to boot. Bonus! Here's what I've rustled up for you this week...

Latest loves...

Reading: Not much. I'm mourning the impending loss of Borders book stores. Sniffle.
Listening: Uncharacteristically, Eminem -- just like Germaine Greer apparently. Try "Hailie's Song" to hear him singing instead of rapping.
Tasting: Endless post-Easter chocolate, vegie burger, chicken korma (I've turned into a curry fiend!), fresh Vietnamese salad rolls, homemade pizzas and cinnamon-flavoured oats.
Loving: Receiving my free nail polish from Kit Cosmetics and Shop Til You Drop magazine, not having any deadlines right now, visiting the zoo with Adam (giraffes and pandas were faves), boardgames with friends and family, scoring 10 burlesque lessons for just $29 total on deals.com.au and my gorgeous new black stockings with little red hearts.
Awaiting: Seeing Miss Saigon and the Miss Burlesque final, not the Kate and Will royal wedding (whatever!), our trip to Melbourne to be part of the Marngrook Footy Show studio audience, watching roller derby bouts this season (go Road Train Rollers!) and having enough money to splurge on frilly, frilly dresses.

May your week be filled with cherry-red shoes, sneaky hand-holding and tummy butterflies. : )


  1. Thanks for joining in the Fun Tuesday Hop

    Sorry its taken me so long to leave a comment!

    I am a new follower

    ~ The professionally insane m

  2. No worries Madeline. I am also guilty of taking a long time to comment. : )

    Thanks for visiting me back!



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