Magazine Guide #20: eBayLife

Publication: eBayLife
How Often Does It Come Out: Quarterly
Distribution: National

Contributors vs Staff Writers:
Freelance contributors galore!

Target Audience:
Age: I'd say 15+
Gender: Male and female
Interests: Buying and selling on eBay.

Topics and Themes:
Success stories about eBay sellers, celebrity eBay shoppers, weird and wonderful auction listings, tech advice about skills like uploading photos and cross-promoting, bargain-hunting tips and buying and selling specific articles like vintage clothing, toys, gadgets and cars.

Length of Features:
Mostly 1,000-1,500 words.

Tone and Style of Writing:
The magazine sounds knowledgeable, warm and enthusiastic -- a trusted friend encouraging you to save and earn money on eBay. The reader demographic very broad age-wise, so the mood is kept light and features are made as fun and easy to read as possible. Lists, break-out boxes, quizzes, quick tips, sub-headings and skill level star ratings are popular and several question-and-answer interviews also feature.

About How Many Features:
Twenty, including several "Tech Advice" articles.


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