Travel Words for Writers

Writing about travel? Your work will really take off with these words and phrases.

Jetset, resort, hotel, motel, lodge, accommodation, luggage, rustic, casual, backpacker, hostel, bed 'n' breakfast, castle, vast, business, luxury, palatial, suite, room, bunk, flight, boarding, spacious, cavernous, quaint, cosy, serviced, apartment, plunge pool, spa, sauna, retreat, treehouse, relaxing, eco-tourism, adventure, pioneer, extreme sports, cliff, ranges, river, bluff, dunes, beach, estuary, creek, sea, stream, canyon, ocean, forest, bush, wetlands, scrub, waterfall, rainforest, lake, farmland, gulf, peninsula, jungle, tropics, atoll, island, woods, continent, reef, desert, hills, mountain, city, country, peaks, rocky outcrop, roads, caves, barren, wasteland, cape, quay, vacation, holiday, getaway, escape, destination, journey, path, lush, undergrowth, airplane, pleasure, pilot, travel, pursuit, navigate, explore, festival, event, drive, leave, motor, caravan, camping, glamping, prairie, frosty, historic, museum, natural wonder, heritage-listed, modern building, gallery, site, romantic, untouched, bustling, train, tram, buggy, carriage, ski lift, attraction, activity, culture, restaurant, cafe, eatery, deli, canteen, landscape, carnival, chilled out, pampering, plush, honeymoon, exotic, transfers, complimentary, continental breakfast, fully cooked, portable, trek, hike, walk, scenic, guided, view, see, tour, experience, underwater, submerge, paradise, heavenly, perfect, idyllic, peaceful, happening, nightspots, stroll, amble, slow pace, spa treatments, helpful, butler, laze, stretch out, day trip, transport, theme park, dining, languid, hammock, charming, staff, polite, gimmicky, souvenir, kayak, canoe, golf, tennis, gym, diving, snorkelling, swimming, surfing, jetski, cruise, parasail, gondola, paddle boats, themed, murder mystery, outback, bike, cycling, time out, breezy, cocktails, casino, shopping, duty-free, fascinating, wildlife, ecosystem, animals, flora, fauna, equipment, compass, orienteering, GPS, follow, footsteps, retrace, map, survival, icy, wet, chilly warm, sticky, hot, humid, heated, comfort, snooze, nestle, lounge, float, drift, dreamy, sandy, still, rapids, trickle, flow, splash, delicious, delicacy, standard, bonus, rest, bus, coach, helicopter, ride, ticket, station, stop, go, companions, sunny.

Any more? Comment below and I'll add them to the list.


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