Claire Halliday's Feature in "Madison" Magazine

Cracking open the July 2011 issue of Madison magazine, what did I spy? Veteran magazine writer and all-round nice gal, Claire Halliday, is in the list of contributors.

When I interviewed Claire for Becks and the City late last year (read the post here), she shared how she didn't know what she wanted to do straight out of high school and got her big break on an article about crime scene cleaners.

Well, she's now completed two books and written for the likes of Girlfriend, Women's Weekly, Marie Claire, and Madison, including this article, "Is the Home Ownership Dream Dead?".

Head to page 76 of this month's mag to read it. Given I've been on several sides of the housing affordability debate (unable to afford a home, working in a housing area of government and now paying off a mortgage), I'm glad Claire's brought this important issue to light.

Fabulous and thought-provoking all at once. I'd love to write this type of article.


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