How I Plan My Blog

The artsy purple image above is of my Smiggle notebook. Isn't it cute? Here's a sneak peek into how I use it to plan Becks and the City...

Whenever I'm sitting in a cafe or out and about and have a spare second, I pull out my notebook and indulge in a spot of blog planning. I write to-do lists of ideas for posts, goals of how many Google followers I want to reach and marketing ideas (giveaways, new widgets etc). Rather than being a chore, I really enjoy it.

These ideas don't always make it into Becks and the City as the blog evolves -- I lose enthusiasm, they become out-of-date or I'm just too lazy -- but it's exciting to dream up these concepts, as most of them become a reality.

Because I'm a visual person, I also draw little sketches of how I envisage the blog should look in the near future, like the one below from two months ago...

So far I've completed the revamped portfolio section (although I ended up using Google Documents to store my scanned articles online rather than similar service, issuu), but am still working on the other features:
  • Beautiful pictures
  • Press
  • Reaching 500 followers
  • E-magazine
  • "For Sex and the City Fans" labels
Hopefully they'll be completed soon.

What do you think? Which of the above features would you like to see in Becks and the City? How do you plan your blog?


  1. This is such a wonderful idea!!! I "try" to plan ... but it often goes all over the place ... as I have not kept a book - but scribble on mutilple pieces of paper. wishing you a great day! xo HHL

  2. Hi from a new follower on GFC and FB!

    Blog: Life…as I see it [fitness, health and happiness]

    FB: Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

    I have a small calendar that I use to plan blog posts. Whenever I get an idea I pick a day and pencil it in. Has worked great so far! I love how you use sketches.

  3. Jill, your idea of a calendar is a winner -- I'd definitely like to try that. I tend to write whichever post I'm most interested in at the time I sit at my computer.

    Thanks, High Heeled! I tend to scribble on a few bits of paper as well, but the best stuff goes into the notebook. : )


  4. New follower from the Tuesday Tag, would love if you would stop by and follow back at

  5. Thanks, I'm now following Generations of Savings back. : )

    The cat picture in the blog title is gorgeous (and very appropriate). Love it!

  6. Wow, I just drag things around until I like the look. LOL. You are a planner! I'm a new follower! Thanks for visiting Planet Weidknecht!

  7. love that you are so organized with your posts. once in a while i have a few things planned, but i usually wing it and write whatever comes to mind at the moment!

    following thru cup of joe :)

  8. I just wing it LOL I'm not good at planning

    Stopping by from Thursday Cup of Joe. Feel free to follow back if you like! :)


  9. This reminds me that I need to write down my ideas. I love the cover of the notebook, super cute. I'm a new follower from cup of joe, maybe you can follow back when you get a chance

  10. Hi! One more follower towards 500! I love your journal. I am a visual also and love to doodle and joint stuff down. I don't have a fancy book just a plain lined note pad. One of my goals is to reach 500 fans by the end of the year :)

  11. So many lovely ladies coming by to enjoy a cup of joe! I'm now following you all back.

    Oomph, I'm totally diggig the whole rock chic vibe of your blog. Brilliant!

    Thanks for your contribution towards my goal of 500 followers, Canadian Coupon Mom -- and all of you. I'm hoping to reach the mark by the end of July. Can I do it?



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