Alannah Hill Challenge: Update #7

Yes, I'm still on my quest to accumulate a decent writing portfolio. When I'm satisfied with it, I've promised myself a lovely Alannah Hill shopping trip for a frilly cardigan. (See previous updates on this challenge.)

Well, we're at the halfway point of my 12 months of freelancing. I can return to my government job at the end of this year if writing doesn't work out and it's great to have this safety net. I'm thinking I may be mooning my old boss on my way out the door permanently in December, but I still have to prove to myself that writing can earn me full-time money. At the moment, I'm using office temping as a financial crutch, which is working out well, but eventually the plan is to be earning 100% of my income from writing. It ain't as easy as it sounds. : )

I've been doing the office temping for two months now, and I gotta say, it's surprisingly fun. I think of myself as a guerrilla office girl, a kind of mercenary secretary-for-hire, waging war on the crappy 9-5 drudgery. If my short-term gigs are pleasurable, then great, if not, then what-the-hey, I'll only be there for a few days before I move on. It's the perfect set-up for career commitment-phobes like me.

As far as the writing portfolio goes, I can almost feel that new, deliciously overdone AH cardigan wrapped around me! It now displays five magazines (admittedly there's two issues of eBay Life, but hey, that still counts!). A couple more will do it -- preferably with at least one more newly-cracked publication. Happily, I've got another article in the works for Women's Health & Fitness coming to contribute to the cause.

Oh, and did you happen to catch that not only did I write for The Essential Guide to Twitter, I scored the role of assistant editor? Hells yeah, I was rather chuffed with that effort. The actual act of editing other writers' work? Not so much (there were grammar mistakes, repetition, scary turns-of-phrase -- the works!). It's certainly a boost to my writing cred though. Bonza!

Hopefully the next Alannah Hill Challenge post will be my last and I'll need your help to pick my brand-new, brand-name cardie once I've reached my portfolio goal. Good times!


  1. You WILL reach your goal and surpass it by many, many more articles!! Keep moving forward your positive attitude is wonderful.

    I'm inspired each time I visit your blog to take my writing a little more serious ... to jump in with both feet and see where it takes me. I'm still a novice, but I have that dream ... and they say it all starts with a dream.

    If you have an opportunity you can read my story here ... ~ I would love to get your feed back.

    Have a great Sunday ..xo HHL

  2. Hey Debbie! The Girls Weekend Network is an awesome idea. Thanks for the hop. : )

    High Heeled, I read your story on the BIST site and you're MY inspiration. It's so easy to give up when difficulties come our way. People like you who not only survive, but thrive, under pressure amaze me.

    Your writing is seriously really, really good.

    Definitely start writing and pitching everywhere -- don't bother about starting small -- just send your writing to various magazines and sites and some are bound to say yes.

    You can do it -- I know you can. : )


  3. PS, let me know if you need advice on how to do this. I'm no expert, but happy to help where I can. : )



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