Fabulous Fridays: 8 July 2011

It's been a twisted week of tantrums, temping, and tweeting. Now for the good stuff...

Latest loves...

Reading: Dita Von Teese's Burlesque/Fetish and the Art of the Teese.
Listening: Jason Derulo's "In My Head" -- now stuck "In My Head" thanks to repeated playbacks practising my pole dancing competition routine!
Tasting: Breakfast burritos and an omelette from Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights, mandarins, Nutella and brulee coffee to buzz me through the day.
Loving: Being requested back by the lovely law firm where I temped recently, the Lush bath bombs Adam bought us as a treat, finally watching Hackers, Monday's burlesque class learning to seduce with long gloves, the free monkey soft toy I was given by my supermarket!
Awaiting: The girls' night out to see Bridesmaids, our Melbourne trip (two weeks to go!!!), our first anniversary trip to Sydney (six weeks to go!!!), the pole dancing comp (one week to go!!!).

Have a twinkling, twirly weekend. xx


  1. HI - visiting the blog hop - am your Newest Follower!

    Nice to meet you!

    Love the title of your blog ;o) and always loved Twiggy (she still looks good now!)

    Happy Friday!


  2. Those false lashes are insane! LOVE them.

  3. new follower from so followed :)

    love your style!

  4. Hi, I LOVE your blog Tile!!

    I'm your newest follower from Saturday Social Blog Hope :)

    Would love to have you follow me as well:


  5. Hi, I'm visiting your blog from the Family Approve blog hop - I "followed" you and would love a follow back - thanks!


  6. Hi, I found you through Wild Card Weekend Blog Hop 7/9/11.
    I hope you all stop by my site www.madamedeals.com I even have an ipad2 to giveaway..

    Thank you

  7. Newest facebook follower Denise G. Sorry but your GFC won't load for me. From the blog hop


  8. Thanks Linda. : ) I didn't even realise this picture was of Twiggy at first, it was just so striking, I had to use it. Your sidebar link about starting your own beach book club is awesome. Sounds like a heap of relaxing fun!

    Sadie -- they're great, aren't they! And environmentally-friendly too. I am a hugh false lashes addict. So much fun to glam up an outfit!

    I am now following both you lovely ladies back.


  9. Thanks Mrs G -- and ta for visiting my blog. : ) I saw your post on your Target jeans. I am a great Target shopper as well. They have such great quality for such a tiny price. How can we resist?

    Thanks also to Life with Twins and Karina. I'm now following you back. I hope you will drop by again from time to time and say hello. : )


  10. Hi Mary! Ooh, I'm a fan of crafty projects -- great blog. : )

    Amee, I had trouble visiting your blog. It kept asking me if I wanted to stop a script running as it wouldn't respond. : ( Do you know what that's all about?

    Denise -- no worries. It was sooo annoying when GFC was only working in patches on the weekend. Thanks for the follow -- I'm now following you back. : )




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