Magazine Guide #21: QANTAS - The Australian Way

Publication: QANTAS - The Australian Way
How Often Does It Come Out: Monthly
Distribution: Australian in-flight magazine in QANTAS planes travelling regionally, interstate and internationally.

Contributors vs Staff Writers: Good news! It's predominantly freelance contributors writing the articles.

Target Audience:
Age: Professionals aged 29-45.
Gender: Male and female.
Interests: News, travel, culture, food, wine, people, arts and business.

Topics and Themes:
The magazines' content is divided into the following departments: Upfront, Travel News, Recharge, Talkabout (eg Louis Vuitton luggage, rugby, motoring, technology and books), Food & Wine, Diary (art, music and festivals) and Games (crossword, sudoku, quiz etc). Articles include short Q&A-style interviews with Masterchef judge, Matt Preston, and a prima ballerina, pieces on the Blue Mountains and France's cycling tours in time for the Tour de France and an examination of New York stationers.

Length of Features:
Around 750-2,000 words. Shorter snippets and Q&A interviews are as little as 300 words.

Tone and Style of Writing:
The audience here is mostly business travellers and the well-to-do (advertisements are for diamond rings, Volvos, wines, cameras, credit cards, banks, mobile phones, RM Williams clothing, etc). Titles are short and matter-of-fact (eg "Strait From The Heart" and "On the Road"). The language used is intelligent, but still accessible, and the writer is kept firmly in the background (no "I" or "we" is used). Some articles have lists, sub-headings and break-out boxes, the latter mostly for hotel and siteseeing information for destinations and case studies of brands in business articles. Most features have standfirsts of around 50 words.

About How Many Features:
Ten articles and five snippets.


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